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It is incredible ,bud with a simple gesture ,for istance with a remote control device or with a switch,we can decide the chromatic intensity of a glass starting from transparency all the way to total screening.The product can also be conceived to be coloured or satinized,for instance in office spaces with transparent glass partitions, where privacy is needed without giving up the light (in the case of the satinized type).

Let's imagine a house where the bedroom receives the sun -rays from the very first hours of the morning .It is certainly pleasant,but it can become unbearable ;this way it would be possible to decide the amount of light that we want ,thanks tu a simple remote control .

It is easy to foresee the many modes of application that this invention can have: continuos facades ,windows,and vehicles such as automobiles ,vans ,trucks,but also airplanes and ships,and wherever it is necessary to modify gradually but reversibly the transparency and/or the colouring of glass windows and any other transparent,semitransparent or translucent surface,all the way to total sunlight screening.

This idea is inexpensive and it can eliminate extra costs like shutters,rolling shutters and awnings.

The patent has been invented,projected and put into practice wiht a prototype,by Oscar Ariel Iannizzotto

The applied principle is that of the physicist and philosopher Blaise Pascal(1623- 1662):"in an uncompressible fluid in balance ,the pressures are integrally transmitted in all directions, since if on given point of the fluid mass the pressure of a certain quantity is iicreased ,the pressure increases of that same quantity in all other points" The simplest way to understand its functioning is the following illustration .In illustration nr2 we can see two glasses placed side by side ,1and2 ,in perfect adherence ;glass 1 is fixed and glued to frame 3 , glass2 is fixed and glued to the flexible packing 4 wich in turn is fixed to frame 3 .This ,through a thin tube 8 ,is connected to an electric pump 9 that takes the necessary liquid from tank 10. therefore , whit the pump functioning ,we can see illustrtion nr4 the filling up off the interspace between the two glasses (1-2),whit the uniform colouring of the entire surface.

And this is where we see the principle being applied,as the liquid penetrates evenly from all points and no air is trapped.This is why the word "liquid "must always be mentioned in order to filly understand the funtioning of this product. It's incredible but true.There is a video available for you now. If you have any questions or doubts regarding our product , or are simply interested and need somemore information , pleasa contact us.



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